D.I.Y. - Turning Something Old Into Something New (Part2)

What You'll Need:
- Old t-shirt
- Zipper (One way separating)
- Needle and thread
- About 8 pins

1. Place were you want the zipper to go, I chose the back of my shirt down the middle. Then use the pins to hold the zipper in place.
2. This is were it gets time consuming, take your needle and thread and begin sewing down one side of the zipper (I chose yellow because I want people to see the pattern).
3. Once you're done do the same to the other side. (NOTE: keep the shirt straight as possible to make sure you're sewing directly down the middle)

The finished product! > > > > > > > > >

So now, you've taking an old plain shirt and make it new again. Enjoy : )


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