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FavStyle believes you shouldn't shop alone. FavStyle helps you find fashion you'll love by challenging you to pick your favorite tops, pants, dresses, shoes, bags, shorts, sweaters, intimates, accessories and more. Complete each challenge by selecting your favfive while building a list of your fav new fashions. Pulling from the most well known and fashionable stores on the internet, each challenge presents only the best today's brands have to offer. The more you play, the better you'll shop!

Key Features:

- Fav items to build your own personal fav list
- Send items you love to your friends to see what they think
- View details about every item in each challenge
- Buy your favs from hundreds of stores and brands right in the app


Trend We're Loving: Sheer Blouses


I've been on the hunt for a sheer blouse for a year now. It's not that they're hard to find, but it's hard to find the RIGHT one that I want (and in my price range). I think every girl should have one sheer blouse in their closet, they're so versatile! You can wear them to work, a party, a date, in the summer, winter, fall, etc... you get where I'm going with this. They are definitely worth the money, and whenever I do find the right one for me I'm buying every color! Lol. Also, I'll let you all know where I found it OR if you've seen a cute one somewhere LET ME KNOW!!!!

Examples of how you can style them:

* Summer - with a pair of blue jean shorts

* Fall - a patterned sweater over it with a pair of skinny jeans and flats (or heels)

* Winter - a trench or pea coat over it with a pair of dark skinny jeans and dressy boots

* Spring - brightly colored skinny belt around the waist and a (casual) pencil skirt and a pair of ankle boots

* Work - tucked in a pencil skirt (plain or pattern) with a bold necklace underneath and your cutest heels

* Party - with a pair of dressy shorts and ankle boots or dressy heels, statement earrings and a cute clutch.



Although the virtual pinboard site Pinterest is not that new, more and more people are getting into it and Jasmine and I are no different. I think it is safe to say that we are pretty much OBSESSED with pinning.

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Happy Pinning!

Pree Brulee Online Boutique

My friend Harpreet started her own online accessories boutique a couple of months ago and it is safe to say that if I didn't exercise restraint, I would definitely be in trouble!

Pree Brulee is the name of her boutique that she curates impeccably! Harpreet's global influence is seen in her taste in the pieces that she carries and extends into the way that she names her Pree Brulee treasures. They reference her love of history and various cultures around the world.

Each week or so, Pree Brulee posts a smorgasboard of beautiful pieces. Here are a few of my picks!

Check them out at Also, follow them on Pinterest!

Aztec Dreams Earrings
Miss Priss Navy Necklace $38
Grecian Gold Foil Cuff $28
Silver Fox Necklace $88
Red Chiffon Hamsa Hand Bracelet $24
Turquoise Art Nouveau Ring $24