Fashion's Night Out!

It's been a while since we've posted... work is taking over! I'm not sure if we've mentioned it, but Jasmine and I (and a couple of other friends and family) are heading to NEW YORK CITY in celebration of my 23rd birthday (among other things...) and the first week of debut collections of Spring 2010... otherwise known as NEW YORK FASHION WEEK.

To get people excited about shopping, and get them to spend those hard earned $$$, the fashion industry is hosting Fashion's Night Out, a celebration of shopping. On September 10th, (my birthday!) shops and boutiques and department stores are going to be open late, serving up champagne and edibles and offering discounts and other cool things (cha cha lessons in front of Kate Spade's pop up boutique). Tons of celebs, designers, models, and EVERYONE is going to be out in the streets of New York City. The Olsens are bartending at Barney's (Hello, BIRTHDAY SHOT WITH THE OLSENS!) and Anna Wintour is going to be making an appearance at Macy's in Queens!

Here's the PSA that got me even MORE excited about Fashion's Night Out and our upcoming trip to NYC!

Do You Have These?

Key Pieces Every Young Lady Should Have in Her Closet:

1. Black Shorts- Chloe Dao said "With shorts you can dress them up or down," which is true. From a birthday party to a date, black shorts can go with a lot! Pair them with a blousy top or v-neck shirt. Check out the rest of our exclusive interview with Chloe Dao, winner of Project Runway!

2. Thin Loop Earrings
- simple and cute. They look good with your hair up or down.

3. Black Pencil Skirt
- Your fashion possibilities are endless with a simple pencil skirt and different tops. I would say that the cute skirt above should be saved for a fun night out because it is too short to wear to the office.

4. Black Heels - Every women needs a pair of nice black heels! I say black because they go with more outfits. My aunts have always told me, "If you're going to spend money on anything, invest in a pair of nice heels." Also, when you do buy a pair of fierce black pumps, make sure they have a classic, timeless look as well as eye- catching details so that you don't have to worry about them going out of style. A truly good pair of pumps may be hard to find. I suggest beginning your search at DSW.

5. Diamond earrings - Classics. If you can, invest in a REAL pair so they don't change colors on you. Believe me, it happens! There are two reasons why I say get real earrings.

  1. They look better. They really do sparkle more.
  2. You can wear these anywhere, anytime. Diamond earrings will never go out of style.

They may require some over time or a second job, so wear the hell outta them. : )

6. Nice Tailored Blazer - Yes, blazers are in at the moment, but a tailored blazer is a a great staple in any work wardrobe, whether your office environment is concervative or creative. I like bold colored blazers, but black is fine too. This is ANOTHER piece you can easily dress up for a business dinner or church and dress down for an afternoon lunch with friends or an art opening.

7. A Simple Necklace - I chose the necklace above because you can wear this anytime and with anything. It's simple, cute, and most importantly, timeless.

8. Black Purse - This is another investment piece that I believe every woman should possess. A nice, well-made purse will look better than most. Better quality purses will last longer than cheap purses and stand the test of time. While that el cheapo black purse may have a tempting price tag, you WILL get your moneys' worth with a high quality bag. It's best to spend big bucks on a color like black because it goes with almost everything.

9. A Bold Colored Dress - Believe it or not, black can get boring sometimes. Every women needs a little color in their wardrobe. I say pick your favorite color and go find a dress in that same color. They key to wearing a bold colored dress is that the WHOLE dress is that one bold color. Nothing hoochie either, ladies! The picture above is a great choice because you can wear it to church (wear it with tights for extra fashion points!), work (with your tailored blazer), and evening cocktails.

10. Nice Denim Jeans - Style of jeans come and go, but wide leg jeans appear season after season. Like most denim jeans, wide leg jeans can be dressed up or down. Personally, I think all women look good in well- fitted wide leg jeans.

11. Ballet Flats - I LOVE FLATS! That is why I saved the best for last. My Dad has always told me, "You want quality in every thing you buy." I agree and ballet flats are no exception. Why get five cheap pairs of flats when you can buy two pairs of good quality shoes? They will not only look better, but they will also last longer and stay in style longer.

This list is especially for Brandi Mirzakhani, who asked Urbane Times to do this post ... hope this helped : )