It's the Most Wonderful Time of the Year

Winter's coming, so get ready!
Vanessa and (mostly) Jasmine's picks for having a fashionable 2009 winter

Latest Fashion Book Out

WHAT: Who What Wear
WHY: Worth every penny. Alot of people have books on what to wear & what not to wear, but this is different b/c they do that plus, more.... understanding fashion & how to copy the runway looks in a classy way.
AUTHORS: Katherine Power & Hillary Kerr

New York part 1


New York City! (in country accent) lol. So we just got back from New York and had an AMAZING experience, one I will never forget. New York is a beautiful city with beautiful people, if you've been there you know what I'm talking about. I've been telling everyone "You need to go, like now!" lol. I can say after being there one day I knew this is where I should've been living my whole life. The fast pace, the honks from cab drivers, the street vendors, the musicians in the parks, I loved it all. People are definitely more carefree and willing to take chances in what they wear, it inspired me to take more risks with my own style. What also inspired me more so now then ever is to continue towards my dream, whether it means living in New York, Houston, or San Diego, that I can be successful no matter where I'm living. But New York does have this energy that over takes you and you never want to leave. I'm planning right now on how to get back : )
- Jasmine

Empire State of Mind:

I visited New York City for the first time in 2000, and I got to do all the 'fun' touristy stuff like go inside the Statue of Liberty and I even saw the back of Aaliyah in Times Square at the MTV Studios, but nothing compares to turning 23 in the middle of Times Square having a couple of close friends and family AND some Russian/Czech tourists sing 'Happy Birthday' to me. Not to mention that it was the start of NY Fashion Week and on September 10th (my birthday), the first annual Fashion's Night Out. Even though we weren't able to volunteer or attend any shows (due to scheduling conflicts- haha), just being in the city was an experience that I will never forget.

Sometimes the fashion world can seem inaccessible and closed off and fake, and being in NYC and seeing the tastemakers and models and editors in person let me know that this is something that is living and breathing and it is something I could totally make my career in. NYC just reinvogorated my love for fashion and started my obsession with NYC! I've already saved up money to go back in February!

Best Moment on the Trip: JASON WU!!!!!!!!!!

Credit: Deanna Mendoza/ SevenThirteen Photography

American designer Jason Wu! (aka the man that designed Michelle Obama's white inauguration gown!) Jasmine spotted him and was like "he's someone -- he's a designer" and then when we finally crossed paths, I said "Mr. Wu?" and then he turned, and I was like "CAN WE GET A PICTURE WITH YOU?!!" He was nice even though he was in a rush! Thanks Mr. Wu!

Meeting Jason Wu was pretty amazing and kind of surreal. While we were in New York, we met Jason Wu, Lupe Fiasco, and Vanessa met the entire cast of In The Heights after their show and that was just in a week! Imagine if we lived there!

New York part 2


Vanessa and I headed to Bryant Park

Photo Credit: Deanna Mendoza/ Seventhirteen Photography

The atmosphere of the place was just .... I can't even put into words.

One cool thing that happened, I was interviewed by a reporter from The Daily News about fashion.

New York part 3

Fashion's Night Out had so much going on, you really had to pick and choose which event you wanted to attend, Vanessa and I choose the Mary Kate & Ashley event at Bergdorf Goodman.

It was chaotic the moment we stepped in the store. The Olsens were on the 7th floor in the every corner of a large ballroom type area. It was packed, we were 500 people back from them and we knew we would never see them because they would be bartering and their short as hell. So we left without a picture or even seeing them.

Vanessa and I leaving the hotel

inside BergdorfGoodman

inside the room where the Olsens would be bartering


They had free wine & snacks

I thought this was cool, they had models outside for people to take pictures of and they would pose for you.... where you become the fashion photographer.



Our friend Deanna was waiting downstairs for us and freakin Anna Wintour walks right pass her. Soooo jealous.

New York part 4


Here's an example of how you can take a dress (from H&M) and dress it up or down.


  • Bergdorf Goodman, 754 Fifth Ave.

  • H&M, 58 Broadway

  • Barney's New York, 660 Madison Ave

  • Yves St. Laurent, 855 Madison Ave

  • Reed Space, 151 Orchard St

  • Topshop, 478 Broadway

Photo Credit: Deanna Mendoza/Seventhirteen Photography

I like this photo, our best friend Deanna shot this through the window of a passing cab. Happy accident.

Exclusive Interview with Designer Elaine Turner

Elaine Turner Take Me Away

“It’s unexpected, feminine, fun, & just right,” Elaine Turners answer about her signature color, hot pink. This statement could also be used to described Turner herself. Vanessa and I were excited to be given the chance to interview the Texas born and raised designer, Elaine Turner. Being featured in countless fashion magazines, such as Lucky and People, Turner has taken her passion for fashion and turned it into a successful line of handbags.
The interview took place at her flagship store in Rice Village.

Urbane Times: How did you get your start?
Elaine Turner: For several years I worked in New York for Ann Taylor. Later I felt it was time to start my own business. My love for fashion inspired me to start a handbag collection. It started with me designing straw purses and clutches, which is what I became known for.

UT: How long have you been in business?
ET: Ten years, it started with set-ups in stores, for example Saks and Nordstrom.

UT: I love your store, not only are your products amazing, but your store is visually beautiful.
ET: Thanks, I wanted to open a store in order to have the customers experience the brand, so when they step in they would feel like they’re somewhere else. Also, everything in here you can buy, from the tables, to the lamps, to the couches. I design the shoes and handbags, and pick products that fit with the brand [so it has a cohesiveness] which I call “fancy travel” [Smiles.]

UT: I see there’s a definite theme with every purse.
ET: Yeah, we’re very classic. All of the purses have a signature pink lining, crown logo, and some sort of bamboo design. As you can see from the store, I love pink, you can never have enough. [Laughs.]

UT: Name a celebrity who you would love to see wearing your shoes or carrying your purse?
ET: Reese Witherspoon & Kristin Davis (of “Sex in the City”)

UT: Where do you see the handbag trend going this fall?
ET: More effortless [simple & classic], animal prints, berries, fuchsia, and purples. My fall collection has a lot of suede, metallics, cheetah, leopard and wine colors.

UT: We read that you’re inspired by interior designer, David Hicks.
ET: Yes, every season has a theme and this season is inspired by Hicks, who’s know for his use of color, texture, and print.

UT: What are you inspired by in Houston?
ET: The energy of the city and the people.

UT: Where do you see your brand in 5-10 years?
ET: Having little boutique shops all over the country, and growing through stores, hopefully in NYC, the Hamptons, and Atlanta. Also, a jewelry and resort line would be nice.

Visit Elaine Turner’s website: