Urbane Times Exclusive: Johnny Cupcakes Interview

After standing for 3 1/2 hours yesterday at Crave Cupcakes to meet Mr. Johnny Cupcakes, I sat down with him for a couple of minutes and picked his brain about starting a business, and his favorite cupcake flavor.



brandi said...

dang what kind of setup was this? he was just chillin on a bench and yall wait to talk to him? lol

no clue who this guy is but excellent interview! you should be a journalist!

Vanessa said...

hahahah it was outside of Crave Cupcakes, and there was a line to get inside the store and buy t-shirts, and then there was another line where they set up a small table by benches. hahaa.

He has a clothing line called Johnny Cupcakes and his story is unique because he built a multi million dollar company after dropping out of school and no start up loans.

Thanks girl! I really appreciate it. I think I am really loving blogging/interviewing just as much as PR.

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