New York part 3

Fashion's Night Out had so much going on, you really had to pick and choose which event you wanted to attend, Vanessa and I choose the Mary Kate & Ashley event at Bergdorf Goodman.

It was chaotic the moment we stepped in the store. The Olsens were on the 7th floor in the every corner of a large ballroom type area. It was packed, we were 500 people back from them and we knew we would never see them because they would be bartering and their short as hell. So we left without a picture or even seeing them.

Vanessa and I leaving the hotel

inside BergdorfGoodman

inside the room where the Olsens would be bartering


They had free wine & snacks

I thought this was cool, they had models outside for people to take pictures of and they would pose for you.... where you become the fashion photographer.



Our friend Deanna was waiting downstairs for us and freakin Anna Wintour walks right pass her. Soooo jealous.


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