808s and Fashion Heartbreaks

Okay, so that title was pretty lame... but as I was watching the Kanye West concert on FUSE tonight... I started thinking about what he was wearing. I am a huge fan of Kanye's style... especially after his first album and I got to thinking about his ex-fiancee, and first stylist, Alexis Phifer.

What I specifically thought about were two things:
- Bazaar photoshoot with Alexis in their apartment

- The photo that The Sartorialist took of them during Fashion Week in happier times in 2007.

To me, this picture is one of my favorites. I LOVE LOVE LOVE Alexis's neon necklaces (in fact I STILL want them after 2 years) and how she paired them with something that has a muted color. She just seems so classy to me.

In one of the pictures during the Bazaar photoshoot, Kanye is quoted as saying,

"Alexis was my original stylist. She helped me get fresh."

I feel like she had such an influence on his style, and has made him into the style icon that he is today. Kanye has always been a trendsetter (aka the Louis Vuitton Don) and in his songs, he is always quick to point it out. So THANK YOU Ms. Phifer!

But we all know that after the death of Kanye's mom, Dr. Donda West, that him and Alexis broke up and he came out with (what I consider a classic) 808s and Heartbreaks and now he has moved on to a new girlfriend; video model and recent FORD model (she's gorgeous and dates Kanye -- so I'm sure that's how she get the job!) and now Kanye's style just keeps on evolving; making him the perfect foil to Amber Rose's outraegous, attention grabbing, hip-hugging style.
Kanye's style credit has earned him a designing stint with Louis Vuitton -- producing a limited edition line of sneakers that I wish LV made for women. (Not that I would be able to afford them anyway...)

Don't forget about Mr. West's clothing line, Pastelle. One thing is for sure, whoever Kanye is with, they will have style and influence him in his own choices.


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