Henri Bendel Open See!

How cool would it be to have your design on display for the world to see and buy?!
Henri Bendel is giving a lucky person a chance to do just that!

What this is actually?
"Calling all Bendel Girls! Welcome to the Henri Bendel online "Open-See"?. We realize that not all Bendel Girls come from New York, so we have extended the reach of our legendary "Open-See" where you can enter by submitting a sketch of a handbag, hair accessory, scarf, hat, small leather good, or piece of jewelry that you think will have our buyers smitten." - Bendel Website


Click Here to Enter!

** Special thanks to Ashley Sutton for the info : )


Cynthia Maniglia said...

Yes, how true - not all Bendel girls live in NYC! Some live in Pennsylvania, like me. ; )

I entered the contest! It's so much fun and will be exciting to see the winning design.

Have a happy 4th!

Jasmine said...


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