H&M Coming to Texas! But Dallas, not Houston!


Southern fashionistas will rejoice to hear that H&M is coming to Texas! After playing coy when a series of commercials began playing in the area, news is here that Dallas is getting an H&M! Details are still sketchy, but the
Dallas Morning News is reporting that the affordable retailer will debut sometime in 2011. Even though we wanted H&M to come to Houston, the fact that it is finally coming to Texas is a victory within itself!


JMO said...


Kirby said...

Why the hell do we have to drive to Dallas for it!!!

Anonymous said...

So glad we don't have to drive to Houston for it!

Anonymous said...

im surprised they are not in texas yet we have like 5 of them in the d.c area and we have the regualr one and the one for teen simply amazing but im moving to dallas and going to school in houston so ima need them to get down there fast!

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