Spotlight On Clothing Line: SUNO

Suno is a brand established in 2008 by Max Osterweis.
It's influences come from Kenya.




“We start out with something really flamboyant, then reign it in” says Erin Beatty, one half of cult American brand Suno, who popped into Vogue House yesterday to show us some of their key pieces. Founded by New Yorker Max Osterweis, the brand’s USP – “different but wearable” – seems to be working. Just a few months after the launch in 2008, Suno’s bold, maximalist prints were picked up by Michelle Obama; Kate Bosworth and Rihanna soon followed suit. Head to Liberty to investigate their current take on the geometric patterns of Seventies Formica kitchens and painterly Twenties wallpapers, in a collection that includes vibrant ruffle skirts, silk jackets and harem pants. Best of all, their summery designs are produced in Kenya, where Osterweis’s mother has a home. “We are nurturing an industry over there,” he says. Gotta love a bit of feel-good fashion. (Via: UK)



brandi said...

oooh michelle lookin cute!

Anonymous said...

i think it's funny that SUNO is like one letter away from SUMO, but like all their models are sticks. like, you know, whatever!

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