10 Fashion Questions.

by: Jasmine

1. Who is your favorite designer?

Lanvin, Derek Lam, Rachel Roy, Elie Saab, Luca Luca, Thakoon, Jason Wu, Chanel, DKNY, Miu Miu, L.A.M.B., Diane Von Furstenberg, and many more!

2. What are your favorite pair of shoes? These vintage red kitten heels by L.J. Simone New York, I got them from my Aunt’s thrift store, only $3.00!

3. What shirt do you wear the most?
This really cute flowy blouse I got from Urban
Outfitters, it’s see-though in the back (cute, yet a little sexy)

4. What pieces of jewelry do you wear most?

That’s a hard one, I have so many! But my three favorite pieces to wear are all vintage – a silver cuff bracelet, a sliver necklace (which I’ve been told is from India), and a long gold/silver simple necklace I go from my Aunt (I get complemented on it every time I wear it)

5. What is your ultimately desired item?

The Mulberry “Alexa” Purse and these Martin Margiela shoes, sorry can’t pick just one.

6. What handbag are you currently carrying?

Dooney & Bourke

7. What are your favorite stores?
Urban Outfitters, Clue Monaco, Thrift Stores, Macy’s, and Zara

8. What are your favorite jeans, sunglasses, heels?

Jeans – I have so many, but no favorite pair love them all, Sunglasses – These huge oval black shades (can't remember where I got them from), Heels – These blue suede peep-toe heels (again, can’t remember were I got them from)

9. What is your favorite inexpensive item that you own? As a thrift store lover, I have A LOT of inexpensive items, but my absolute favorite is my black Chanel (look alike) purse, only $7.00!

10. What is your favorite accessory? My Ralph Lauren Silver Ball Stud Earrings


brandi said...

why only 2 questions? :(

Jasmine said...

Huh? I have 10 questions and answers posted. U don't see them?

brandi said...

No I only see #s 9 and 10.

JMO said...

It shows everything on my computer... hmmmm. Don't know whats going on.

Anonymous said...

"THIEF store" lololol

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