D.I.Y. - Turning Something Old Into Something New

1. Find an old purse
2. Go to a thrift store and get a bag of buttons (I chose gold buttons)
3. Thread (the same color as the purse)
4. Begin threading the buttons in various places on the purse, don't put to much thought into it.
5. Make sure you thread them enough so they won't come off.

And that's pretty much it, simple project.

I'm always recreating or creating something... don't know why I haven't been sharing them with everyone, but from now on anything I make I'll post on the blog : )


Anonymous said...

whatever you do, don't post them shoes! haha. Was it hard to thread through that (what looks like) leather material?? I would get tired after the first button and give up.

Jasmine said...

LOL.... I actually took the ribbons and studs off the brown shoes, so HAPPY BIRTHDAY! LOL. But yeah, it's not real leather so it was easy to sew... but sewing each button is where it was time-consuming.

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