I love animal print, especially in the winter time (don't know why. lol) but I have a scarf, that I absolutely love and I recently purchased some Cheetah print ballet flats w/ big black bows, so can't wait to wear those. So basically I wanted to do a post on this because animal prints themselves never go out of style. So here are some tips on how to wear them. Enjoy : )

A note on how to wear animal print:
1. Work with ONE print, not 2 or 3 .... now you CAN have 2 items of the same print on, for example: a belt and pumps, or flats and a purse.

2. DON'T wear a too tight animal printed dress, that's old school and just hoochie

3. Your safe outfit: all black & one animal printed piece

4. For a party or date: Animal printed top with a brightly solid colored skirt or vice-versa


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