Happy Olsenween!

Sorry for the cheesy title, but Jasmine and I decided to be the people who provide us with great style inspiration all the time: Mary Kate and Ashley Olsen!When I was creating my costume, I didn't really look up a lot of pictures (to be honest) for Mary Kate because I pretty much know how she dresses after years of study!

It was really fun to be Mary Kate because I got to dress up and pile on tons of jewelry! Plus, Jasmine made these AMAZING fake cigarettes out of pencils. They looked so real that some man asked us if we could spare one! hahaha.

Here's a picture of the fake Olsens and images of the real Olsens that provided our inspiration!

Obviously, I was Mary Kate. haha

I had NEVER seen this sequin coat of MK's but I am so glad I chose my sequin jacket!


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