Fashion's Night Out!

It's been a while since we've posted... work is taking over! I'm not sure if we've mentioned it, but Jasmine and I (and a couple of other friends and family) are heading to NEW YORK CITY in celebration of my 23rd birthday (among other things...) and the first week of debut collections of Spring 2010... otherwise known as NEW YORK FASHION WEEK.

To get people excited about shopping, and get them to spend those hard earned $$$, the fashion industry is hosting Fashion's Night Out, a celebration of shopping. On September 10th, (my birthday!) shops and boutiques and department stores are going to be open late, serving up champagne and edibles and offering discounts and other cool things (cha cha lessons in front of Kate Spade's pop up boutique). Tons of celebs, designers, models, and EVERYONE is going to be out in the streets of New York City. The Olsens are bartending at Barney's (Hello, BIRTHDAY SHOT WITH THE OLSENS!) and Anna Wintour is going to be making an appearance at Macy's in Queens!

Here's the PSA that got me even MORE excited about Fashion's Night Out and our upcoming trip to NYC!


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