Urbane Times EXCLUSIVE: Melissa Coker of Wren Clothing

You read the title right. An Urbane Times EXCLUSIVE. *screams*

My new obsession is finding clothing lines that have a following, but aren't as big in the mainstream world of fashion. I bring to you wren. Wren was started in 2007 by Melissa Coker, who worked at Vogue, and Details before she began her foray into the world of fashion design.

Ever since I saw Lucky magazine's article about LA style vs. NYC style, my love for Melissa Coker and wren began. So when tweeting every single detail about my mundane life (http://www.twitter.com/vanhall), and randomly being followed by @wrenclothing, I got super excited.

What happened in the next 24-48 hrs. is pretty much a blur. I friended Melissa Coker on Facebook, wrote a small feature about wren and Ms. Coker on http://www.examiner.com/
and to make a long story short, we have the first Urbane Times EXCLUSIVE interview with the founder and designer of wren.
An Introduction:
Wren, started by Melissa Coker, and named after a Dicken's character is the epitome of effortless cool. Their unfussy clothes have attracted a following in such celebrities as Katie Holmes, Vanessa Hudgens, and Keira Knightley. When I saw some of the past wren collections, classic and modern come to mind. These are clothes that you can wear now, and probably for the rest of your life. Coker's feminine and simple aesthetic is something that is sure to please even the pickiest dresser. Wren's slouchy tanks, full skirts, and bright pops of color (and my personal favorite: CARDIGANS) are what make Coker's clothing line stand out. California cool indeed.

Urbane Times: What motivated you to start Wren?
Melissa Coker: a few things...mainly, wanting to work for myself and just be able to follow my own ideas through to production. It's so nice to be able to work for yourself, I'm sure you feel that with your blog! Your concepts, your format.

UT: Who or what inspires you before you design a collection?
MC: A lot of it is just the things that I want to wear myself combined with special fabrics or trims that I find that I think are especially pretty or exciting.

UT: What are your staples for summer?
MC: Baggy cotton things!
UT: What can we expect from Wren in the fall?
MC: Lace mixed with tarnished shine & brightly colored silks.

UT: Literature seems to be important to you, since Wren is named after a Dicken's character. If you could have the wardrobe of any literary heroine, who would you pick?
MC: Holly Golightly in Truman Capote's Breakfast at Tiffany's OR any Edith Wharton heroine would be nice as well.

UT: What song (no matter where you are) makes you dance?
MC: Any Madonna song from any album preceding (and including) Like a Prayer.

Thanks Melissa for being such a great designer who is approachable and friendly! At Urbane Times, we love Melissa and we love wren!

Here are some past and present looks from wren. You can get more information about wren (and where to buy) and Melissa Coker at wren clothing. Also be sure to follow them on Twitter@wrenclothing!

wren Spring/Summer presentation
the lovely Keira Knightley in wren
a spring.summer look
Alexa Chung & Tennessee Thomas in wren

Vanessa Hudgens in wren


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