This Is Why I Love Rachel Roy

Rachel Roy, easily one of my favorite designers, debuted her Spring 2010 Resort Collection Lookbook on Facebook, of all things. Get to know her face if you don't already know it. She is beautiful and the clothes she designs are equally as beautiful!

First of all, can we say perfection? It is a gorgeous mix of classic clothes with modern twists, structural details, and my one of my current obsessions... NEON. The bright, playful pops of color grounded with serious colors like dark navy are the perfect combination of balance. I cannot be more obsessed with Rachel Roy now. And the fact that she is working on a line with Macy's that is going to be available to the masses makes me want to THROW UP with excitement. I've been following her for as a couple of years now, and she seriously just gets better. Her design aesthetic and vision is very similar to how I view clothes and almost everything she designs, I want to wear.

Here are some standouts from her collection. (Uhhhh, I want to put everything she designs here..)


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