I wanted to wear something classic, so I think everything went well...... we'll see.


Found these shoes for 8 dollars!
Haven't been able to wear them, it's been raining cats and dogs lately.



Fashion Group Foundation of Houston Career Day!

On March 10th, Jasmine and I attended a career day sponsored by the Fashion Group Foundation of Houston at the University of Houston Hilton. The career day started with a welcome speech by Jim "Mattress Mac" McIngvale, and then you split into whichever workshops you picked.

Jasmine and I picked Fashion Design and Fashion Marketing for our two workshops. (you know we had to stick together!) The Fashion Design Workshop featured Chloe Dao, owner of Lot 8 and Project Runway Season 2 Winner, Eva Prappas, Costume Designer/Fashion Consultant and Susan Fruit, a famed interior designer. The panel discussion was very informative, and I learned a lot as far as staying persistent, and just being grateful for any position you are given.(which we knew from the beginning!) Jasmine and I talked to Chloe Dao after her discussion about future opportunities, and we are hoping and crossing our fingers that something GREAT comes out of this!


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